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How might you spot someone misusing opioids?

Here are some behaviors patients exhibit that suggest misuse: –Consulting physicians from multiple practices for prescriptions. –Calling their physician’s office to be seen without an appointment — “The pain is much worse”. –Frequently calling the physician’s office for early refills. –Requesting an extra prescription, reporting the first one was lost or stolen. –Frequent emergency room…

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VHS is set to announce new services to assist clients in Aftercare Service Platforms.

Delivering a client-centered approach to care that prioritizes client needs and resources in recovery. Data gathering for improved tracking of outcome measures and analytics. VHS, providing effective solution that gives our client’s patients a sense of fulfillment, direction, inspiration, and balance to maintain sobriety after treatment.


Do you know your Payers time line for filing claims?

This varies from insurer to insurer. Some insurers require claims to be filed very soon after services – 90 days is often a rule among private insurers.  Building positive relationships with your payers and by understanding their claims submission rules you will avoid having claims denied because of late submission or not meeting “Timely filing”.

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